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    SNES 9x 1.53 Oficial (2011)

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    SNES 9x 1.53 Oficial (2011)

    Mensagem por badchrono em Sab Abr 30, 2011 1:52 am

    Snes9x é um emulador multiplataforma para o vídeo-game Super Nintendo. Basicamente permite jogar a maioria dos jogos de SNES (ou Super Famicom) no Computador.
    O projeto original do Snes9x foi fundado por Gary Henderson e Jerremy Koot como uma colaboração de suas tentativas anteriores de emular o SNES (snes96 e snes97).

    Funcionalidades novas nesta versão, ainda em ingles.

    Whats New in 1.53:
    * Rebuilt IRQ handling. (zones)
    * Improved overall timings, now Snes9x can handle events in a opcode a little. (zones)
    * Improved screen interlacc and sprite interlace supports. (OV2, zones)
    * Fixed Hi-Res pixel plotter. (BearOso, zones, OV2)
    * Fixed C4 for Mega Man X2's "weapon get" screen. (Jonas Quinn)
    * Fixed Super Buster Bros. graphics after reset. (Jonas Quinn)
    * Improved SA-1 support. (zones)
    * Added SA-1 CC2 support. (Jonas Quinn, byuu)
    * Fixed SA-1 NMI override mode. (zones)
    * Fixed Dual Orb 2 sound glitch. (byuu)
    * New APU timing hack, fixes various games that exhibit problems with Blargg's SNES_SPC library. (OV2)
    * Fixed the problem that echo buffer breaks IPL ROM. (zones, OV2)
    * Fixed movie snapshot unfreeze inconsistency. (gocha)
    * Faster config file saving. (OV2)
    * Fixed BlockInvalidVRAMAccess config file option. (windows port, unix port and gtk legacy config) (Jonas Quinn)
    * Remove POSIX dup and access calls, and rename qword to fix compilation with Cell SDK. (BearOso)
    * Fixed PS3 version save state crash by using heap allocation for soundsnapshot. (danieldematteis)
    * Fixed crash relating to double-closed descriptor. (BearOso)
    * Removed CPUShutdown speedhack, DisableHDMA and DisableIRQ options. (zones)
    * Removed remaining outdated asm code. (zones)
    * JMA 64 bit support. (kode54, Nach, friedrich.goepel)
    * GTK+, Win32, Mac: Added optional Hi-Res blending. (BearOso, OV2, zones)
    * GTK+, Win32: Support for bsnes-style XML shaders. (BearOso, OV2)
    * Win32: Full unicode support. (OV2)
    * Win32: Restored OpenGL mode. (OV2)
    * Win32: x64 version. (OV2)
    * Win32: HLSL shader support. (mudlord)
    * Win32: Win7 jumplist synchronizes with recent roms list. (OV2)
    * Win32: Updated menu structure. (OV2)
    * Win32: Drag&Drop support for ROMs. (gocha, OV2)
    * Win32: Reworked movie-recording with size selection. (gocha, OV2)
    * Win32: Restored SPC save option. (OV2)
    * Win32: Fixed vsync in DirectDraw. (OV2)
    * Win32: Improved window position saving. (OV2)
    * Win32: Restored compile with DEBUGGER. (gocha)
    * Win32: Fixed various edge-case errors and/or possible leaks. (Brian Friesen)
    * Win32: Config file option to always center image. (OV2)
    * Win32: Fixed "Turbo Down mode" hotkey assignment. (gocha)
    * Win32: Added and fixed Autofire for D-pad. (gocha)
    * Win32: Fixed aggressive soundsync wait. (OV2)
    * Win32: Added window size presets. (OV2)
    * Mac : Added pause and frame advance functions. (zones)
    * Mac : Now you can choose any folder for saving files. (zones)
    * Mac : Updated Music Box (mostly internally). (zones)
    * Mac : Fixed gliches in open/save dialogs on 10.6. (zones)
    * Mac : Fixed display configuration in windowed mode. (zones)
    * Unix : Fixed segfault and hang-up with -DNOSOUND. (zones)
    * GTK+ : Added ability to set specific folders for SRAM, patches, snapshots, etc. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Fixed many permissions issues with config folders. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Updated compatibility with latest GTK+ and GtkBuilder. Added experimental support for GTK+ 3.x. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Updated software output to use cairo and added the ability to use bilinear-filtering with it. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Fixed issues where cheats wouldn't stay enabled. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Fixed focus issue when there is no window manager. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Fixed X Visual incompatibilities and expose problems in the Xv and OpenGL outputs. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Fixed vsync with new X Server and NVIDIA drivers. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Added "Reduce input lag" option to OpenGL output. (BearOso)
    * GTK+ : Added a visual indication of the expected video refresh rate for the currently selected sound input rate. (BearOso)

    Here is an incomplete list of games that have been fixed/improved in 1.53:

    * Battle Blaze (glitched title screen)
    * Earthworm Jim 2 (freeze on start)
    * F1 Grand Prix (flickering in-game HUD)
    * Lion King (freeze on start, works after reset)
    * Ms Pacman (black screen on rom load)
    * Mutant Chronicles - Doom Troopers (freeze on start)
    * NBA Hang Time (freeze on start)
    * Primal Rage (freeze on start)
    * Robocop 3 (black screen on game start)
    * SD Gundam G-Next (garbled scenario map pictures)
    * Secret of Mana (mode7 flicker)
    * Sink or Swim (display corruption on scrolling)
    * Super Buster Bros 1.0 (garbled graphics after reset)
    * The King of Dragons (no sound effects)
    * The Mask (black screen on rom load)

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